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The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has removed 26 pharmacists from its register due to statutory non-compliance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) regulations relating to the CPD year 2020-21.

On the direction of the Interim Registrar of the PSNI, the removal from the Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland (PCNI) is effective from August 6.

The removal is processed under Regulation 3(2)b of ‘The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012’ as amended.

According to the said regulation, if a registered pharmacist failed to comply with the requirements or conditions of the CPD framework or has made a false declaration about compliance, then the registrar may decide to impose on the registered person a requirement to take one or more remedial measures in connection with the registered person’s CPD; or remove the registered person’s name from the register.

CPD involves the tracking and documenting of skills, knowledge, and experience gained, both formally and informally, beyond any initial education and training. It helps pharmacists to keep their practice and proficiency up to date to maintain standards.

​It is a legal requirement for all registered pharmacists. Every registered pharmacist needs to meet the requirements of Standard 5 of the PSNI’s Code: Professional standards of conduct, ethics, and performance for pharmacists in Northern Ireland – to maintain and develop professional knowledge, skills, and competence.

All registered pharmacists has to make an annual CPD submission and declaration to the Registrar by 31 May or other date, as instructed by the Council of the PSNI, except for those pharmacists who have been granted an exemption by the registrar through the Extenuating Circumstances process.​ ​CPD can be recorded and saved, throughout the CPD year, on the pharmacist’s Membership Online (ROL) account in preparation for CPD submission before the end of the CPD year.

Ellen Lucy Booth, Thomas Kevin Burns, Sergi Casanova Crespo, Clodagh Deirdre Cumiskey, Jacinta Henrietta Madonna Curran, Maureen Elizabeth Alexandra Davison, Ciara Patricia Garvey; Bhavini Pradip Khilosia, Julie Josephine Le Gourrierec, Joyce Wen En Ling, Shee Ween Mooi, Dr Rene Ngenkam, Leah Margaret Nugent, Jarlath Michael O’Hagan, Kevin Peter O’Neill, Samuel Thomas Patterson, Simon Luke Porter, Margarida Crispim Ribeiro, Bernardo Manuel dos Santos Segurado, Yuen Ching So, Mariana Soliman, Rachel Mary Strain, Jie Xi Toh, Merna Toma, Nihar Varu and Sze Ing Wong are the pharmacists who are removed from the PCNI register.

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