Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen anytime, regardless of which industry or the type of work environment you’re into. Most often, it’s the workplace conditions and the danger of your task that creates these risks. However, certain workplace injuries in certain workplaces are much more serious than others.

Even some of the seemingly safe working environments are also at risk for accidents and injuries. For example, you could be an office worker, sitting on your job eight to ten hours a day. This sedentary and low-movement job could cause you chronic fatigue and back pains. 

If you’ve experienced any injury from your workplace during your working hours, you have the right to seek help from a workers’ compensation lawyer. It could help you minimize the risk when you are aware of the common types of workplace injuries and taking preventative measures.  

Below are five common types of workplace injuries that you should watch out for.


  • Injuries Caused By Trips, Slips, And Falls


Whichever work setting you’re in, may it be in a factory, a shop, or an office, you’re still subjected to come across injuries caused by tris, slips, and falls. This case is a leading cause for most of the worker’s compensation claims. There are numerous reasons why workers could trip, slip or fall during their working hours which include:

  • Wet or oily surfaces 
  • Loose rugs 
  • Poor lighting 
  • Uneven walking surfaces 
  • Cables on the floor 
  • Clutter 
  • Wrinkled mat or carpet 

While these may seem like minor problems that can be easily fixed, they’re already enough to incur severe injuries like neck injuries, broken bones, head or back injuries, pulled muscles, fractures, or sprains. If you’re severely injured due to a slip and fall accident, make sure to call for medical assistance first, such as Injured Call Today, or any medical team to have medical assistance right away. This is a primary step to do that will you become eligible to file for worker’s compensation with the help of your lawyer.

Doctor bandaging arm of a injured factory worker.


  • Injuries Caused By Falling Objects


Many workers often find themselves on the receiving end of falling items. The truth is, this doesn’t only happen in factories or warehouses. This also happens to people working in offices, restaurants, and more. You could be at risk of falling items like books, shelves, glassware, dishes, or large boxes. The most common injury you often get out from this incident is a head injury. When you’re hit by falling debris and other heavy machinery in severe cases, you may incur bone fractures, eye injuries, internal organ injuries, severe cuts, and bruises.  

Thus, the management should ensure safety by storing dangerous and heavy materials safely or, better yet, keeping them in low-elevated places. Warning signages must also be implemented so workers will be aware that a certain area is prone to falling objects.


  • Injuries Caused By Falls From Heights


Falling from height usually occurs at a construction site or factory. Every day, people working in this industry are at risk of falling, mainly since their tasks include climbing on ladders, roofs, platforms, stairways, scaffolding, and other elevated surfaces. When these structures are improperly constructed or due to improper use of safety equipment, they may fall.

Injuries from a fall can include head, back or neck injuries, fractures, spinal injuries or the most serious deaths. To avoid this serious situation, workers are always encouraged to wear safety equipment correctly and to ensure that everyone has received the appropriate training.


  • Injuries Caused By Electrocution


For workers responsible for handling electricity, power outlets, wires and wiring may be exposed to the danger of electric shock, which usually leads to sudden death on the spot. Therefore, managers should ensure that electrical hazards are checked and identified before allowing workers to work on site.


  • Injuries Caused By Fire And Explosions


Fire and explosions can happen anywhere—on construction sites, offices, company buildings, and even on open markets. Explosions and fires can occur due to faulty gas lines, combustible materials stored in wrong places, or open flames that weren’t put out safely. The resulting injuries for this accident may include different degrees of burns, severe damage in the respiratory system, disfigurement, and worst, instant death.  

Thus, all employers are required to have fire extinguishers installed in several parts of their workplaces. Moreover, the management must also train employees never to contact flammable materials unless they’re adequately equipped.

The Bottom Line

This list contains only some of the most prevalent types of workplace accidents and their resulting injuries. While there’s no easier way to be safe from possible accidents and injuries at work, there are ways and steps that employers can take to secure their employees’ safety and prevent them from any harm. Some of these include proper training, clear signages, and complete safety equipment. Most importantly, always remind everyone in the workplace to be alert and mindful of everything that’s going on around them to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

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