Abeer Aamir

Abeer Aamir, a pharmacy student at the University of Brighton, won the Alliance Healthcare and Alphega Pharmacy sponsored BPSA Business and Enterprise competition.

Abeer successfully pitched a presentation highlighting how Alphega Pharmacy is the key to the future development of independent community pharmacy, Alliance Healthcare said in a statement.

In addition to her presentation, Abeer also came up with three new ideas that could enhance the current Alphega Pharmacy B2C app.

Organised by the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA), the final event of the competition was held virtually last month, with three out of ten students who made it through to the final round competing via Zoom, due to current Covid-19 restrictions.

Abeer said: “I am incredibly appreciative for the opportunity I was given to compete in the Business and Enterprise competition. The competition allowed me to look at pharmacy practice in a new light and specifically focus on how we as pharmacists must adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, especially so in this new online based era.

“As we move into a post-Covid world, I believe it is crucial for all pharmacy students to take a look at how the practice will be shifting in the next few years with the rise of digital care, and learn how to adjust without compromising patient-focused care.

“Competing in this competition also gave me the chance to be creative by creating a cohesive and interesting presentation marketing the Alphega app, as well as coming up with innovative ideas to further the development of the app and the future development of independent community pharmacies on the spot during the judge questioning round.

“I was also able to gain a deeper understanding about different business standards of practice, as well as appreciate the innovative concepts and designs that must be made by independent pharmacy owners to remain competitive against larger chain pharmacies.”

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