The guide is titled 'Working with patients and patient organisations - a sourcebook for industry'.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) today published a new guide for pharma companies working with patients.

The guide, titled Working with patients and patient organisations – a sourcebook for industry, gives companies new guidance on working successfully, collaboratively and ethically with patients and patient groups.

It covers six topics – principles and agreement, defining what is a patient organisation, patient or patient advocate, events and meetings, research and development, product launches and payments.

The sourcebook is also a response to patient bodies looking for greater clarity on their relationships with companies.

“We have worked with patient organisations to produce a sourcebook which includes practical guidance, tips and tools, to support pharmaceutical companies collaborate with patients and patient organisations,” said Jill Pearcy, Director of ABPI Code Engagement at the ABPI.

“It might sound obvious, but if you are not working with patient interest at the heart of what you do, you can’t be truly patient-centric. As an industry we are committed to this,” she added.

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