Activa Healthcare is launching one of the most significant advances in wound preparation a unique  active debridement and wound cleansing system called Debrisoft.
Debrisoft removes wound debris necrotic material slough and exudate and even long-standing hyperkeratotic tissue from surrounding skin in minutes whilst allowing newly-formed granulation tissue and epithelial calls to remain intact. 
Debrisoft cleanses and debrides wounds in just 2-4 minutes and is soft and flexible. It binds to wound debris locking it into the Debrisoft fibres. Debrisoft is very easy to use and can be disposed of as normal clinical waste leaving a clean wound to be dressed as usual.
Simon Barrett tissue viability nurse says of Debrisoft: “When I was introduced to Debrisoft by Activa Healthcare I was presented with evidence which suggested that the product could debride wounds with yellow adherent slough within four minutes. I thought that this was almost too good to be true and so decided to undertake an evaluation on four patients.”
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