Adex Gel offers a new, simple and different approach to the treatment and management of mild to moderate eczema, and other dry skin conditions prone to inflammation, such as psoriasis.
Adex Gel is different from other emollients as Adex Gel is a highly moisturising and protective emollient which also contains an added extra, anti-inflammatory medicinal substance to help reduce inflammation and redness.
Adex Gel provides a simple first-line emollient and anti-inflammatory treatment, giving patients the confidence to manage their condition with a convenient steroid-free treatment. Adex Gel can be used on its own to manage dry skin conditions and help reduce inflammation and redness.
Adex Gel can be used all over and for as long as necessary – whether only occasionally, such as during flares, or continuously if the added anti-inflammatory action is beneficial. This simplified approach to treatment may help to improve adherence and achieve better patient outcomes.
Dermal’s formulation technology has led to significant advances in treatments for dry skin conditions through enhanced efficacy and patient adherence, and like other products it’s the whole formulation of Adex Gel that determines efficacy and patient acceptability.
In addition to containing a high oil content and the humectant, glycerol, Adex Gel also contains nicotinamide, a medicinal substance related to vitamin B, which has been shown to exhibit noticeable anti-inflammatory action. Visit