Alliance Healthcare helped the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA) mark its 75th year by staging a tour to highlight how the pharmaceutical wholesale industry can support pharmacy students.

Members of the BPSA were invited on the tour of Alliance Healthcare’s support centre site in Chessington, hosted by Alliance non-executive director Mike Smith (pictured), where students were given an inside look at one of the UK’s busiest pharmaceutical wholesale service centres.

Smith also gave a career talk at Portsmouth University to an audience of over 100 third year pharmacy students, impressing upon them how rewarding and challenging a career as a pharmacist is.

One student, Hemammgin Kaillany, said: “Mike has motivated me and reminded me to be proud of our profession and my own accomplishments.”

Course tutor Asmita Sautreau said: “I believe that the students see Mike as a role model who is passionate about pharmacy. Mike has made it very clear the future of community pharmacy is in their hands, and they have the ability to make a positive difference.”