Leading pharmaceutical wholesaler Alliance Healthcare has partnered with Vitamin Angels, a global public health organisation, to reduce preventable illness, blindness and death related to child malnutrition.

Alliance Healthcare UK will support the charity organisation, which provides vitamins and minerals to mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition, in its global and national feeding programmes.

“I am so proud to see my team come together and support this truly amazing public health organisation. It is a clear demonstration of how much we care and can really make a difference. This is a really exciting milestone for our business and we hope to raise £60,000 for Vitamin Angels this year and going forward!,” said Julian Mount, Managing Director at Alliance Healthcare UK.

Vitamin Angels have already reached over 175 million children and mothers across the world since its formation. The UK feeding programme is fighting malnutrition by promoting healthy eating habits for children in need.

“It’s fantastic to see the start of our partnership with Alliance Healthcare UK already make a significant impact on the lives of at-risk children in the UK. The Alliance Healthcare team has an amazing fundraising spirit and we’re delighted to now be a long-term partner,” Scott Minger, Vitamin Angel’s Vice President of Business Development, said during the official partnership launch event.

Alliance Healthcare will organise a number of exciting fundraising activities across its UK employee base, working with sponsors across the healthcare industry.

“With one in four children in the UK at risk for malnutrition, Vitamin Angels is thrilled to partner with Alliance Healthcare to introduce the UK feeding programme,” said Katelyn Harbison, Account Manager, Vitamin Angels.

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