Nearly 50% of people who set a date to quit smoking last year managed to kick the habit according to official figures.

A report by NHS Digital on stop smoking services in England between April and September 2017 revealed 134,101 people set a quit date, with 65,876 successfully stopping at the four-week follow-up.

NHS Digital also said that 72% of successful quitters had their results confirmed by carbon monoxide verification while older people were found to be more likely to quit than younger people; 41% of under-18s compared with 55% of people aged 60 and over quit.

The highest proportion of quitters came from Yorkshire and the Humber at 58% while the South West had the lowest proportion at 42%.

Forty-four per cent of pregnant women who set a quit date achieved their goal, 38% of people accessed stop smoking services through their GP while 81% used one-to-one support to quit.

“The most common pharmacotherapy was a combination of licensed Nicotine Containing Products taken concurrently (33%),” NHS Digital said.