Always Discreet believes that every woman should be able to live the age they feel inside with nothing holding them back.
Here are some top tips from our Always Discreet ambassador Dr Sarah Jarvis to help women feel empowered to live life to the full, every day.  
IT’S GOOD TO TALK: Share how you are feeling with someone. If you feel too embarrassed to speak to a loved one then set up an appointment with your GP. 1 in 3 women in the UK suffer from sensitive bladder, you are not alone and there is help available.
SET A SCHEDULE: Your bladder is trainable: if you’re troubled by needing to pass water very often and needing to rush to the toilet, talk with your doctor about a daily schedule to build up your bladder’s holding capacity. Remember; allow your bladder to empty completely each time you go to the toilet.
DRINK JUST ENOUGH: There’s no need to avoid drinking in order to reduce the urge to visit the bathroom. Limiting your water intake makes your urine more concentrated, which boost your chances of bladder irritation. 
Keep hydrated. 
BYE, BYE BARISTA: Caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks could be your new worst enemies. So try limiting those coffees, teas and carbonated beverages for a week or two to see if it helps – they can irritate a sensitive bladder. 
REGULAR RELAXATION: If you experience anxiety, worry and concern because of your sensitive bladder, mental relaxation can be a very valuable aid. Avoid worrying about problems excessively. Deliberately include activities in your daily life that bring you pleasure for example meeting friends, going to the cinema or taking a walk. 
STAY COMFORTABLE & PROTECTED: Wear a product that has the right protection for you. The innovative design of New Always Discreet line –up is tailored to fit the needs of all women with a sensitive bladder. For more information visit

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