The Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK) has launched its strategic plan for the next three years and set out a range of objectives which includes protecting the professional authority of technicians.

The plan, which revolves around four themes – leading, expanding, advocating and progressing – is designed to reinforce the APTUK’s position as the representative body for technicians as well as promoting the profession’s interests.

It comes in the wake of the publication of a series of chapters from a report by the Pharmacists’ Defence Association which critically analyses the roles and responsibilities of technicians.

Their report attempts to draw clear distinctions between technicians and pharmacists amid concern the government is keen on technicians overseeing the supply of medicines.

On leadership, the APTUK said it would support and influence “the future delivery of innovative pharmacy practice and national health priorities” and promote “the pharmacy technician profession, foundation and advanced roles, to shape future development.”

In terms of expanding, the APTUK said it would start a marketing communications programme to promote its professional membership and empower technicians to work at a national level.

The body also said it would promote and engage “in research and evaluation to inform on the professional practice of pharmacy technicians” and try to improve the education of pre-registration trainees and technicians.

APTUK president Tess Fenn said: “It provides us with the tool on which to focus our activities and resources based on our four strategic goals and themes: leading our profession, expanding the influence and sustainability of APTUK, advocating the importance of the pharmacy technician role in delivering health priorities and transformation and progressing the profession’s development.”