Walls are the most important part of any house. Not only do sturdy walls help keep your house intact, but they are also the most dominant part of your house which you will have to paint smartly to make an impression on your guests! There are different types of painting styles that you can apply to your walls. One such popular style is sponge painting, which can become fun and cheap ways to add some texture to your walls!

Many enthusiasts often try their hand at painting at least once in their life! If you are one such person looking for different sponge painting ideas then this blog will really help you ignite the spark in your mind! Before you start anything, you need to research which colors you want to use for executing the sponge painting. Then, venture out to buy a few high-quality sponges that you’ll be using. Painting using a sponge can be done by homeowners themselves but from my experience, I would suggest you consult any painting services in Chennai  is a better idea.

Two Colors Sponging

Once you have everything ready, all you have to do is choose a wall and see which pattern you want to execute for the sponge painting on walls. One of the most widely used ways of this type of painting is the two-colors one! By choosing colors that complement each other really well and create a perfect blend of sponge painting.

Border Sponging

If you have already painted the walls in your house but are looking to funk-it-up then border sponging is one of the best ways you can do this. As the name suggests, border sponge painting on walls is to be done only on the high ceiling wall borders. This will give an impressive look and texture feel to the entire room.

Subtle Sponge Painting

The beauty of this type of sponge wall painting is that the low contrast of the colors really creates a textured effect. The subtle technique is usually used when the color yellow is involved in the base layer as well as the coating. This is without a doubt one of the best sponging painting ideas you will ever have! The results of this way of painting will last for a long time thus proving cost-effective as well!

Designed Sponge Painting  

This is another way of painting with the help of sponge but what sets this apart from the rest is that the person executing really needs to have the creative side to him/her. In this, the painter can choose any design (such as a coconut tree) and using the sponge, apply the paint in such a  way that the end product looks like a brand new design on the wall.

The above mentioned are just some of the best sponge painting ideas that I had when I was thinking of different ways that I can use for the wall painting in my house. There are many more awesome ways and ideas for sponge painting which you can explore and really let your creative juices flow!


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