Original Pack Dispensing

The MHRA has issued medicines recall alert for Easyhaler Salbutamol Sulfate 100 and 200 micrograms per actuation inhalation powder.

The manufacturer Orion Pharma are recalling specific batches as a precautionary measure due to an issue related to moulding defects in the bulk chambers where the inhalation powder is stored.

“There is a risk that the defect possibly presents as a hole in the bulk chamber resulting in the minor loss of inhalation powder. The manufacturer has confirmed that the devices will continue to function correctly with no impact on patient safety,” MHRA said in the alert.

Product details

Easyhaler Salbutamol Sulfate 100micrograms per actuation inhalation powder with PL 27925/0002

Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
2009598 04/2023 200 actuations 15.09.2020


Easyhaler Salbutamol Sulfate 200micrograms per actuation inhalation powder PL 27925/0003

Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
2016511 04/2023 200 actuations 28.09.2020


Community pharmacists have been suggested to stop supplying the medicines batches immediately and quarantine all remaining stock and return to their supplier using approved process.

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