NiQuitin’s combined self-care approach helps combat behavioural triggers so that patients stay motivated on their smoke-free journey.

The No.1 Patch brand in the UK, NiQuitin Patches are clinically proven to double your chances of quitting compared to willpower alone.

They feature Smart ControlÒ Technology, rapidly releasing therapeutic nicotine on application and provide continuous delivery throughout the day for 24-hour control – helping to stop nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms before they occur. Oral formats such as NiQuitin Minis Lozenges (regular and mini sizes) and NiQuitin Medicated Chewing Gum can provide relief from sudden cravings.

Used in conjunction with NiQuitin Patches, they offer an unbeatable way of quitting.

Since this Stoptober, NiQuitin has been distributing free NRT Pharmacy Guides on how to win with NRT, plus consumer leaflets to help quitters understand the best way to quit and Point of Sales aids.

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