Can Delta 8 THC Get You High Without The Anxiety

Weed has a reputation for making us high.

It can alter our senses and make us see things more clearly, while keeping our minds in a relaxed zone.

But, there are some negative effects too.

Many people claim that they become high when they dope, but it also makes them more anxious. 

Feeling anxious under the influence of cannabis is not a feeling you’d like to cherish always because your depression, paranoia, fear, and hallucinations are heightened during this time.

There are many Delta-8 gummies that can promise to make you high without the anxiety effect, which is why many people seem to prefer them nowadays.

Does D8 THC Make You High Without The Anxiety?

D9 THC is the main strain found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, and it is used to make D8 THC. Hence, the potency of D8 THC is lesser than D9 THC.

Simply speaking, if you take 10 mg of D9 THC every day, you must take 20 mg of D8 THC to get the same high feeling.

Due to the lack of potency, D8 THC also has fewer adverse effects. You’ll get a milder high but won’t experience the negative effects so much.

CBD does not make you nervous or anxious, and D8 THC acts the same. It can make you high but won’t let you spiral into the same loop of weed‘s scary stories. 

You may ask why.

Well, it’s because the structural compound in D8 THC changes when it is synthesized from D9 THC. As a result, the CB1 and CB2 receptors in D8 THC bind the endocannabinoid system less effectively than the D9 strain. 

These small changes in the receptors create huge changes in their properties, which eliminate the feeling of anxiety from the euphoric high.

It’s another factor that the high you get in D8 THC is lesser than in D9 THC, but it keeps you in a breezy mood that will be helpful enough to make you relax.

How High Can You Get With D8 THC?

How high you get using a D8 THC depends on how much your tolerance is, your body’s metabolism rate, its chemical structure, and many other factors.

But, the high won’t be as intense as your experience with the D9 strain.

Many people prefer D8 THC over D9 because of these muted effects. They like to stay in the mildly euphoric zone, which will only help them relax and sleep. On the other hand, D9 THC can intensify the feeling of high but also accompanies anxiety, paranoia, fear, etc.

D8 THC is also known to energize people. It can help people relax and sedate, which makes them pleasant and productive and help them go about their days on a slightly positive note.

Now, these effects vary from one person to another, as we’ve mentioned before. Apart from the factors mentioned above, the person’s body size and weight also make a difference in this context.

How Long Will It Take To Create The Desired Effects?

Once you intake the D8 THC, you must wait for a few hours for its effects to kick in. Some people say it takes only 1-2 hours to get high, while others say it takes 4-5 hours for the substance to kick in.

If you inhale it, the impact will be more profound, but if you ingest it, the feeling of high might take longer to kick in.

You can also use the D8 THC edibles to identify the effects. Your whole body needs to process the THC into the digestive tracts, and once it does, you will start feeling high within 1-2 hours.

The best way to get high with D8 THC is to use the D8 gummies. You have to place the gummies under your tongue and melt them using the mucosal membrane. It will only take 15-30 minutes to get high in this way.

There are no fixed parameters to measure these effects, but D8 THC can get you high without anxiety if you use it right.

Wrap Up

If you use a small dose of D8 THC and see how your body responds to it, you can feel more confident about increasing your dose after that.

That’s why it’s recommended to start slow. If you start D8 THC on a high dose, it may not be suitable for you, and there are not enough scientific proofs to back up these claims. 

So, it’s better to start with a low dose and adjust accordingly.

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