Clinitas Soothe Multi from Altacor is preservative-free eye drops which offers rapid and prolonged relief from dry-eye discomfort. It contains 0.4% of a natural lubricant, sodium hyaluronate – the highest available concentration available on the market.
Recommended by Ophthalmologists, its formulation is dual acting, boosting and stabilising the tear film that coats and protects the eye.
It provides rapid relief, stays in the eye for long-lasting comfort, is non-toxic and is generally suitable for contact lens wearers. Once opened, a bottle is available for up to 90 days’ use.
As well as Clinitas Soothe Multi, the Clinitas range includes Clinitas Soothe unit dose and Clinitas Hydrate.
In June, Altacor relaunched their website www.altacor-pharma.com – it now includes more information for both professional and patient, extensive product information and a dedicated section on dry eye.
Altacor is working with Powermed to promote Clinitas products to independent pharmacy. Please contact Powermed on 01844 299374 or email at [email protected] for further information or to arrange a sales representative to visit your pharmacy.