Conceive Plus is formulated for use by all couples who are trying to get pregnant. The patented personal lubricant is designed to relieve vaginal dryness while helping to create a fertility friendly environment that increases the chances of getting pregnant, naturally.
Couples that are not regular users of personal lubricants may also benefit from using Conceive Plus especially during ovulation when dryness is experienced by 75% of couples, most won’t notice it or think it’s an issue for them.
Conceive Plus is formulated to be isotonic and meet a pH range compatible with human sperm survival and migration, and is the only fertility lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions. Found naturally in our body, Calcium and Magnesium are important for cell viability and essential for the process of fertilisation.
Available over-the-counter in the UK since 2009. Within pharmacy we suggest the ideal shelf position is next to pregnancy tests and ovulation kits. Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is available in multi-use tube and individual pre-filled applicators for intra-vaginal application.
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