Community Pharmacy Scotland has endorsed a Covid-19 treatment trial lead by Oxford University, paving the way for the research to reach out to a wide range of communities through its of network of 1,252 pharmacies.

“Community pharmacy has already done so much to help the Covid effort. One area we could now support in is research, CPS’s director of operations Matt Barclay said in a statement.

He added that the trial “offers a great opportunity to support patients and research in Covid treatments. It also feeds into the public health role that community pharmacy plays. I would encourage pharmacy teams to advertise and signpost eligible patients to this trial to enhance any potential evidence base in this area.”

Pharmacy teams elsewhere in the UK have already been signposting patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection to the PRINCIPLE trial, which is testing pre-existing drugs for older patients in the community who show signs of the disease.

It aims to slow or halt the progression of Covid-19 complications and prevent the need for hospital admission.

Co-investigator and national BAME and community pharmacy research lead Professor Mahendra G Patel said: “It is crucial we recruit people from all backgrounds into this trial, and my colleagues and I at Oxford are absolutely delighted to have Community Pharmacy Scotland helping to champion this important and urgent public health trial in the community.

“The more people that come forward to volunteer to take part in the trial, the greater the likelihood an effective and safe means of tackling the virus can be established. It’s therefore fantastic to now have this phenomenal support from you all in Scotland.”

CPS says by supporting this trial community pharmacies in Scotland are able to display the vital role they play in community healthcare even clearer.

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