Three Pears International, leading wholesaler who acquired the historic brand Cyclax four months ago, has unveiled a rebrand and new ranges at 2019 Spring Fair.

Cyclax, established in 1896, is one of the world’s oldest cosmetic companies still in operation today. Three Pears acquired the firm in October 2018. Its former owners – after the founding family sold the business in 1970 – include Lehman Brothers, British American Tobacco and SmithKline Beecham.

This Spring Fair got to see six rebranded products in the Cyclax ‘Moistura’ range. ‘Moistura’ is a beautifully formulated heritage anti‐ageing skin and body care range including eye, hand, day and night moisturising creams and lotions, exfoliators, cleansers and toners.

Cyclax ‘Nature Pure’ skin and body care range is relaunched at the fair with seven rebranded and formulated 300ml tubs of face and body creams and scrubs.

Brand new to the Cyclax brand is ‘Cyclax Baby’, a modern and carefully formulated range of 300ml flip top, parent friendly, bottles comprising of bubble bath, baby oil, shampoo and a daily moisturising lotion. Attractively packaged and priced ‘Cyclax Baby’ is expected to be a volume seller in the pharmacy and discount aisles.

Cyclax Sun is a whole new range of sun protection, aftersun and self-tan products that will include tubes, bottles and sprays with SPF factors between 15 and 50.

Aloe Vera aftersun bottles and sprays from a handy 88ml bottle to a family sized 500ml pump are in the planning and a range of four continuous sunscreen sprays and two self-tan sprays (in medium and dark) can be seen at the show.

Ed Dunn, chairman of Three Pears, said: “At February’s Fair, we will be able to demonstrate, to our distributors and customers and those that have been faithful to the brand, exactly how far we have developed the Cyclax brand and ranges in a very short space of time.

“We have exciting plans to continue this brand growth and are already planning and designing a revival brand of Cyclax lip and nail care that could well see the resurgence of the famous 1939 ‘Auxiliary Red’ lipstick that is believed have started the trend for the use of bright red lipsticks during the war.”

The Natural Classic original Henna Treatment Wax brand was also acquired by Three Pears last year. A new Natural Classic range of Dry Shampoo sprays in a handy purse-sized 150ml spray have been developed and featured at the Spring Fair alongside the Henna treatment wax range, which is readily available now, in both original and Aloe Vera.

Natural Classic original Henna Treatment is formulated for all types of hair, especially where hair has been damaged by dyeing, perm and bleaching.

Also on show at the fair are Three Pears exclusive UK and Ireland ranges of Playboy condoms and lubes.