NPA has endorsed MedAdvisor as the recommended digital medication management platform for community pharmacies Photo: MedAdvisor

Day Lewis Pharmacy Group has signed an agreement with the digital medication management company, MedAdvisor, to promote and distribute a new consumer-facing app.

The Australia-based MedAdvisor company will launch the app in the UK market in early 2020 with Day Lewis as its first UK customer.

A Day Lewis branded version of the MedAdvisor app would allow customers to order and manage their medication. The company is also gearing up to make the app an NHS connected platform so its pharmacists are able to receive GP-approved prescriptions.

Sam Patel, executive director, Day Lewis Group, said: “By working with MedAdvisor and supporting its rollout in the UK, we can better deliver our company’s core purpose – to help people in the community stay healthy and feel better.”

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