As topical analgesics sales slow – with just 4.9% growth over the past 52 weeks and sales declining in the last 12 and four weeks1 –Mentholatum is bucking the trend with continued growth. In particular, Deep Relief, the company’s fast-growing topical NSAID brand, is showing spectacular growth.

Deep Relief has seen a 35.2% leap in sales in the past year and is now worth almost £3,045,000. In terms of units sold, it now shares second spot in the topical NSAID sector.

 Deep Relief brand manager Elaine Walker says: “We are delighted with the performance of the brand. Our multimedia marketing campaign has really raised Deep Relief’s profile with two bursts of TV advertising each year, continued trade and consumer PR and advertising, digital and social media activity and pharmacy support. And with the brand currently on TV through April, we expect to see a continued rise in sales.

 Deep Relief offers fast cooling relief from inflammatory back, muscle and joint pain. It contains two painkilling ingredients – ibuprofen and levomenthol – to deliver fast cooling, penetrating pain relief and anti-inflammatory action. Levomenthol works to quickly cool and soothe, while ibuprofen gets to work to reduce pain and inflammation.

Elaine Walker, brand manager for Deep Relief, said: “Deep Relief is popular with back pain sufferers who prefer the targeted relief of a topical painkiller and it has been clinically proven to start to work in 10 minutes².”

Deep Relief Anti-Inflammatory Gel is now available in a 100g GSL pack as well as the 30g and 50g sizes (rrp 30g £4.70, 50g £5.99, 100g £11).

Deep Relief Joint Pain Gel in a pharmacy-only 100g pack (rrp £11) can be recommended by the pharmacist for the effective relief of pain associated with non-serious arthritic conditions. The gel is also available on prescription.

Trade contact – Laser Healthcare: 01202 780558

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