The new year brought a visit by Bruce Warner, the deputy chief pharmaceutical officer, to Bristol-based Bedminster Pharmacy.

Warner met the pharmacy team and over the course of three hours discussed a range of issues including the impact of the drugs shortages, concession price arrangements, local integration and service commissioning challenges and the impact of the funding cuts.

One patient also agreed for Warner to sit in on a new medicine service consultation carried out by Bedminster’s lead pharmacist Ade Williams.

The patient had been prescribed a new inhaler to help manage her COPD. During the consultation it was discovered that her last clinical review was four years ago and she had been using her prescribed inhalers incorrectly.

She also spoke about the role the Bedminster team play in helping her manage her long-term conditions and the inspiration they gave her to stop smoking five months ago.

“It was a pleasure visiting Bedminster pharmacy in Bristol. It is important to hear first-hand how the challenges facing the sector are impacting on practices,” Warner said.

“It was also useful to discuss the significant progress being made on the pharmacy integration agenda where NHS England is investing in a range of schemes to ensure pharmacists and technicians can work across wider primary care settings and relieve the pressures on GP practices and hospital admissions.”

Williams said: “We are very grateful to Dr Warner for taking the time to visit Bedminster pharmacy, especially his interest in learning about our Healthy Living Pharmacy work and local collaborative initiatives,” Ade said.

“We were assured to note his understanding and empathy of the challenges contractors are facing presently and confident in his assurance that he will pass on this knowledge.”