Teva and Accord are the suppliers of Stanek tablets and Sastravi and the anticipated re-supply dates range between June and August 2020, DHSC has said (Photo: iStock).

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has asked Higher Education England (HEE) to train 500 clinical pharmacists in 2019-20 to be effective in a general practice setting.

This is in support of the wider expansion and transformation of primary care, including the objective for every primary care network (PCN) to have a dedicated clinical pharmacist, according to the Department of Health and Social Care mandate to Health Education England 2019-20.

The mandate, published in July, sets out key deliverables for 2019-20, and long-term themes to which these actions will contribute. It looks at how to develop the healthcare workforce to improve care for patients through education and training.

It also directs HEE to develop the infrastructure for a new foundation training programme, that ensures pharmacists’ ability to work across the full range of healthcare settings.

“HEE and NHS England/NHS Improvement are committed to working much more closely together at both national and regional levels, building shared partnerships with local health systems and our wider partners and stakeholders to deliver the vision and immediate actions set out in the interim People Plan,” the Chairs’ joint statement read.

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