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The Department of Health and Social Care has published the final list of price concessions for April.

The latest instalment follows the first announcement on April 16 and the second one on April 18.

The latest list (below) covers 16 drugs.

DrugPack sizePrice Concession
Bumetanide 1mg tablets28£1.39
Candesartan 8mg tablets28£2.30
Co-careldopa 25mg/100mg tablets100£10.00
Finasteride 5mg tablets28£1.34
Irbesartan 75mg tablets28£2.18
Irbesartan 150mg tablets28£3.16
Nebivolol 5mg tablets28£5.29
Pantoprazole 20mg tablets28£1.73
Pantoprazole 40mg tablets28£3.65
Quetiapine 200mg tablets60£12.78
Quetiapine 300mg tablets60£9.99
Riluzole 50mg tablets56£115.68
Risedronate sodium 35mg tablets4£7.27
Telmisartan 80mg tablets28£6.62
Tolbutamide 500mg tablets28£22.70
Topiramate 50mg tablets60£12.27