All over the world, obesity has become a growing concern today. There is a range of measures that help people lose weight, from dietary balance to careful surgical measures. Adjustable gastric balloons are one of the modalities considered and presently used.

The Spatz3 is the only adjustable balloon in the world. It consists of introducing it into the stomach through endoscopy, without surgery, and its main feature is that its volume can be increased or decreased to fit each patient’s stomach. The goal of this weight loss balloon is to fill your stomach so that you reduce the amount of food you eat. It will help you feel full and consequently eat less and lose weight.

5 Possible Side Effects After The Adjustable Gastric Balloon Procedure

If you are considering a gastric balloon weight loss method, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the side effects that can occur, as well as the benefits of safe weight loss. Each person may react differently to the balloon. Some people have hardly any side effects, others have several for a few days, others only have symptoms the first few days after implantation, etc.

It is always guaranteed that throughout the research stage, you will be well educated regarding this procedure – including the weight loss you can expect, as well as any signs in your body. Below are some of the major side effects of the gastric balloon procedure and what you can do to reduce those symptoms.

  • You may feel or become sick (vomiting or nausea)

It is normal to feel or be debilitated within seven to ten days in the wake of the adjustable gastric balloon procedure. This is because the stomach isn’t accustomed to having the gastric balloon set up.

After the procedure, some medicines will be given while you are sent home, they also help you tackle side effects. Feeling sick varies among individuals. Some won’t react to this, and some may feel very distressed.

Certain people can feel it get sick for as long as 3 weeks after the adjustable gastric balloon procedure. It is normal to be wiped out in the first part of the day, and afterward, feel better for the remainder of the day.

To tackle feeling sick, do the following: 

  1. Attempt to move around, regardless of whether you feel like doing it. This will help you move the food from your stomach to your guy.
  2. Ensure that the portion of your supper is not enormous.
  3. Take as much time as necessary while eating. Always bite your food well, or eat delicate, minced, or pounded food varieties
  4. Make sure you drink during the day. But don’t drink during meals.
  5. If you are having an issue with holding liquids down after seven days, contact your team.
  6. Limited bowel movement

One common thing that occurs after the adjustable gastric balloon procedure is the reduction of your bowel movement; it becomes lesser. This is typical because you are eating less food.

Typical defecations can be anyplace between three times each day to three times each week.

If you are finding it challenging to poo, ensure you drink enough fluids – between meals. The vast majority need like 2 liters of liquids – especially sugary drinks and water.

Also, you ought to include varieties of fiber foods in your meals – such as fruit, vegetables, oats, wholemeal grains, brown rice, pasta, and bread. As these food varieties can add mass to your eating regimen, ensure that you only eat them in small quantities.

  • Indigestion and heartburn

This is normal, and some medications will be given to assist you to combat it after the procedure.

A few food sources can aggravate indigestion, like espresso, liquor, as well as fatty and spicy foods.

Make sure you don’t eat an enormous measure of food.

Also, dairy items and milk are frequently prescribed to assist you with indigestion. You can have up to 16 ounces of skimmed milk every day as part of your eating routine. But it ought to be fanned out during the day. Pick low-fat assortments of dairy products.

Again, abstain from eating around two hours before sleeping at night, and do not sleep after meals.

  • Terrible smelling belches and burps

This can be a problem – a terrible smelling belching or burping. This often occurs when food stalls in and around the mucus that covers the gastric inflatable.

A good way to avoid this unpleasant smell is to always chew your food well and attempt to move around. This prevents food from stalling out around the balloon.

Should the smell become a real issue, you can have a little glass (about 200ml) of a low-calorie fizzy beverage to clean the food around the balloon.

Assuming it still proceeds, quit eating solids for up to three days and return to having plain soups, just like you would after the balloon was placed in.

If it persists, get in touch with a gastroenterologist or dietitian to help you fix it professionally.

  • Swelling and boating

The gastric balloon is responsible for this. Sadly, there isn’t much to be done about it. The only way to stop the bloating, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, is to remove it.

However, always remember that the balloon is just temporary, so you should endure the bloating for a while. It is normal when it occurs. The bloating wl stop when the inflatable is taken out.

Again, the meds you are sent home with should help you handle this indication.


The side effects of using an adjustable gastric balloon for weight loss are completely normal. Keep in mind that your body is adjusting to the balloon and this takes time. They will usually pass within a few weeks. The adjustable gastric balloon is a safe procedure and has the advantage that, if it bothers you, you can adjust its volume.


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