Olbas Nasal Spray is a health essential, with clinically proven results. It unblocks the nasal passages and helps prevent the spread of viral infections and bacteria whilst offering an immediate refreshing sensation. The effective natural formula combines essential oils of eucalyptus, niaouli and wild mint with mineral-rich hypertonic seawater.
Retailing in a handy 20ml spray bottle, Olbas Nasal Spray is ideal for keeping in a handbag, desk drawer or car glove box for effective relief from symptoms on-the-go. The spray is suitable for adults and children aged 6 years and over, making Olbas Nasal Spray a staple for any family medicine cupboard.
Olbas Nasal Spray is now available from leading chemists and independent pharmacies, retailing at £5.99 with each pack containing one 20ml spray bottle.
Samantha George, Product Manager, Olbas, said: “With hayfever season almost upon us, pharmacies will need to make sure they offer a variety of trusted and effective OTC solutions to help relieve patients of a variety of symptoms experienced as a result of allergies. As the effects of hayfever can vary so greatly from one person to another it is important pharmacists ensure they offer a range of treatments.”
For more information, visit www.olbas.co.uk