The results found a significant association between sugary drinks consumption and, the risk of overall cancer and breast cancer. Photo: iStock

Consumption of sugary drinks could lead to a higher risk of developing cancer, although the evidence cannot establish a direct causal link, according to a major study.

The France-based study, published in the British Medical Journal, analyses data from 101,257 adults and their intake of sugary drinks during a nine-year period between 2009 and 2018.

The results show a significant association between consumption of sugary drinks and the risks of overall cancer and breast cancer. Researchers found that each 100ml serving of fruit juice (freshly squeezed or bottled) consumed each day could increase the odds of developing cancer by 12 per cent.

“The consumption of artificially sweetened beverages was not associated with the risk of cancer. In specific sub-analyses, the consumption of 100% fruit juice was significantly associated with the risk of cancer,” the report reveals.

Of the 2,193 cancers found, 693 were breast cancers, 291 were prostate cancers and 166 were colorectal cancers. However, the evidence is not establishing a direct causal link.

“This research, while preliminary, demonstrates the huge amount that is still to be learnt about cancers, their risk factors and causes. Before more research can be reliably conducted, which often takes years in the field of epidemiology, we must ensure that cancers are as survivable as possible through treatment and early diagnosis,” said Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical.

“With this in mind, there is a clear and present need for cutting-edge technologies that are relatively inexpensive to use and can provide an accurate diagnosis during that crucial period of time when cancers are in their early stages.”