Gabapentin and pregabalin will become Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs in April 2019. NHS announced tightening of the law last year as the number of deaths linked to the illegal use of these drugs started raising concerns.

The Controlled Drug Accountable Officer’s Network (CDAON) has produced a detailed FAQ, underlining that there are no safe custody requirements for gabapentin and pregabalin even if they became Schedule 3 Controlled drugs and records are also need not be kept in the CD register.

Currently, these are prescription only medicines used to treat neuropathic pain. They also have mood-enhancing effects.


  1. This whole “Opioid Crisis” is BS. I’m a nurse and diabetic. I would be disabled if it was not for my Gabapentin. Now Dr’s are going to be hesitant to prescribe it. Out of all the Opioid over doses in America I bet 80% of them don’t have a script for them. they get them from the street, they are drug addicts. If you do a drug screen they will test positive for many other substances they don’t have a script for. No we don’t have a “Opioid Crisis” We have a generation growing up who likes to escape through drugs because they have no hope for the future.