Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has issued a wholesaler and pharmacy level recall for Iohexol 350mg/ml and 300mgl/ml solutions for injection.

This is due to an out of specification result from the ongoing stability studies, PSNC revealed. The out of specification result for all batches of Iohexol distributed in the UK are up to four per cent over the upper specifications limits for content.

Pharmacists are asked to quarantine the remaining stock and return to the original supplier for credit.

Product details:

Iohexol 350mg/ml solution for injection – PL 25258/0247

Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
1805641 07/2021 100 ml 14/12/2018
1806771 09/2021 50 ml 14/12/2018


Iohexol 300mg/ml solution for injection – PL 25258/0246

Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
1805640 06/2021 100 ml 14/12/2018
1805752 07/2021 75 ml 14/12/2018
1806007 08/2021 50 ml 14/12/2018


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