A new law has given the General Pharmaceutical Council powers to check the English language skills of pharmacy professionals who qualified in the European Economic Area._x000D_
The GPhC had previously been unable to verify the quality of a pharmacy professional’s English lanuage skills before they joined the register if they were from the EEA or Swizerland but the new law has changed that._x000D_
The regulator will also have new powers to investigate a registrant’s fitness to practice where their knowledge of English could pose a serious risk to patient safety._x000D_
“These important changes to legislation will improve public protection by enabling us to introduce fair and proportionate language controls that apply to all registrants and applicants for registration,” said Duncan Rudkin, the chief executive of the GPhC._x000D_
“The changes to English language requirements will also provide further assurance to pharmacy service users that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians should be able to communicate with them._x000D_
“We would emphasise however that employers are still responsible for checking the language skills of any pharmacy professionals they plan to employ.”_x000D_
The new law also changes requirements on pharmacy indemnity and how the GPhC may ask registrants to declare their indemnity arrangements. The guidance can be found here https://goo.gl/GueQ4v