The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) received six whistleblowing disclosures over a 12-month period, a report by eight healthcare professions has revealed.

Pharmacy’s regulator said that of those six disclosures received between April 1 2017 and March 31 2018, five were met with regulatory action and one is still under review.

Three cases were investigated through the GPhC’s fitness-to-practise system but no further action was taken after the regulator had made enquiries and two disclosures were investigated by a GPhC inspector who gave the employer guidance.

A new legal duty compelling the healthcare regulators to produce an annual report on whistleblowing disclosures made to them by workers came into effect on April 1 last year.

The regulators said their joint report demonstrated their “coordinated effort to work together in handling serious issues raised to us” and the transparent fashion in which issues are handled.

“None of the disclosures had an impact on our ability to perform our regulatory functions and meet our objectives during the reporting period,” the GPhC said in the report.

“We use all concerns raised with us to inform our standards and guidance development. Protected disclosures also inform our operational processes and approach to understanding what the most appropriate regulatory lever is to achieve the best outcome.

“The concerns raised with inspectors and the associated guidance in response to the concern, including those that arise through inspections, are widely shared to ensure learning across the inspectorate. These issues also inform our work on understanding the experiences of pharmacy professionals in the community pharmacy environment.”