In support of the healthcare needs during the Covid-19 pandemic, a combination of 6,241 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians joined the register on a short-term basis without any fees being charged.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has published an updated version of its publication and disclosure policy.

The policy details the procedures the GPhC adopts in publishing and disclosing information about pharmacy professionals, registered pharmacies and pharmacy education institutions.

“The policy explains how the GPhC balances the need to be open and transparent against the rights and freedoms of individuals, so that the information that is published or disclosed is proportionate,” the regulator said in a statement.

The new version of the policy includes several changes including the time the GPhC keeps the removal decision following a Fitness to Practise Committee hearing on the register. The committee decision will now remain for five years, instead of the previous ten years.

However, the pharmacy professional’s entry on the register showing that they have been removed will still remain for ten years.

The updated policy also takes into account the compliance to the GDPR, the EU data protection and privacy regulation introduced in May 2018. The government has announced that rules will continue to apply even after the country leaves the EU.

The policy includes four new appendices, which cover registered pharmacies, education and training providers, the GPhC register and GPhC consultations. The appendix on pharmacies provides details about the publication of inspection reports and information relating to enforcement.

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