Greenliving Pharma has launched a brand-new website for natural healthcare and wellness products. The site launches with a pure and natural peppermint oil product, Colomint, and has also had a face lift to match Greenliving Pharma’s new brand personality.  Created with the user’s overall experience in mind, visitors to the new website can easily navigate into information hubs, find products related to specific health needs or ailments, learn about ingredients, their cultivation and health benefits as well as tips on natural home remedies.

The website offers wellness supplements and information about the benefits of natural ingredients and scientific methods that supports happy, healthy balanced lifestyles.

Each product page has a devoted FAQ section. If users can’t find the answers they are looking for, they can submit a question with complete confidentiality.

Greenliving Pharma’s Managing Director, Islam Pearson, said: “Our ethos of using natural ingredients was inspired by our Mother company Pharco Pharmaceuticals, who are true believers in producing ethical affordable products for everyone at any stage of life across the globe.

“We are launching the website with Colomint as we work on growing our portfolio of supplements with a vision to expand into medical and skin care products. We have a duty to our customers to provide them with natural, affordable products, using scientific methods to create the perfect natural balance. We as a company have a passion to reach out to people from all walks of life and be part of a movement towards a more natural, sustainable way of life. The measure of success for our company is not about how many sales we make, but rather about how many people we reach and help them live healthier lifestyles.”

Greenliving Pharma break into the world of nutraceuticals with Colomint; which provides 0.2ml natural, peppermint oil in gastro-resistant capsules to ensure the oil reaches the gut intact where it’s needed most. Colomint is free from peanuts, soya, and gluten, and is certified Halal.

“I joined Greenliving Pharma to assist with formulating well balanced nutraceutical products from organic and natural ingredients well known for their health benefits.

“It’s great to see the website finally reflecting who Greenliving Pharma are and their product development journey with families’ various needs in mind. The health foods and nutraceutical industry is heavily regulated, but the new website provides a new source of information and advice for visitors who may want to learn more about the ingredients in the products they are buying.” Said Regulatory Consultant, Jamie Christie.

The website invites both consumer and trade visitors to take advantage of its offers, products and information pages. For further information of services and products available can be found by visiting the website

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