Emma Walmsely (twitter/GSK)

Emma Walmsely of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has become the highest-paid female FTSE 100 chief executive after she received a £1m pay rise last year.

According to the latest annual report of the UK’s biggest drugmaker, Walmsley’s pay package rose to £5.89m in 2018 from £4.88m the year before. However, her salary was still lower than that of her chief scientist, Dr. Hal Barron, who was paid £6.6m last year.

Walmsely, who is the only woman leading a major drug maker, had her fixed pay, including the salary, benefits and pension, increased slightly to £1.47m, while her performance-related pay rose to £4.42m.

Walmsely has now been on the job for nearly two years and the report reveals that she will get another 8 percent increase from 1st January 2020, subject to continued development and sustained performance in the role.

The annual report also reveals that women at GSK are paid about 3 percent less than men in the UK, which is one of the smallest gender pay gaps in comparison with the national average of about 17.