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Just days after reporting a data breach, NHS has been urged to switch to email communication, as dealing with outdated technology is hugely frustrating for staff and patients alike.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock, who already announced a fax machine ban in December, said that NHS will no longer buy fax machine as it is now been removed from the NHS Supply Chain.

“We have signaled the end of archaic fax machines in hospitals and GP practices, and as of this year the NHS will no longer buy them. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for GPs to communicate safely and securely with their patients and colleagues,” Hancock said.

By 2021, e-mail should be the default communication method for the health service, he told an NHS England conference.

“The rest of the world runs on email – and the NHS should too,” Hancock added.

Last week, NHS England advised pharmacists and pharmacy teams to check all the healthcare system numbers after a hotel group notified that a number of faxes from community pharmacies and GP surgeries across the country have been inadvertently sent to them.