How can community pharmacy help sufferers control their symptoms and help people avoid getting hayfever and allergies in the first place? Anne-Sophie Martin, senior brand manager, and Marlow Alice, marketing intern, from Church & Dwight explain…


Additionally, self-medication is an increasing trend, consumers are going online to self-diagnose themselves before then going into store to purchase. Ensure aisles are well merchandised, when pharmacists are not available it allows consumers to explore and educate themselves on the products. Ensuring allergy symptoms are prominent on the POS material allowing consumers to associate with their symptoms.

Allergy symptoms can be confusing and not all consumers know about them. At the start of the hayfever season consumers complain of a blocked or congested nose caused by a cold, however this can also be a sign of hayfever. During the start of the season consumers are not able to distinguish between Colds and hayfever, this is supported by looking at sales for the start of the hayfever season where we can see a slight uplift in cold sales as well as an increase in hayfever sales.

As consumers don’t fully understand hayfever symptoms pharmacy training is imperative. Providing a good understanding of brands and indications of each product, helps consumers understand which product is relevant to their symptoms due to the vast choice of products and due to the different symptoms of hayfever and the different stages.
Due to the choices being overwhelming consumers do need advice and from the research we know pharmacy and GP are among the people where consumers look for advice so it is important they are fully trained.

For hayfever remedies to be effective it is recommended to be using them at the beginning of the hayfever season. Consumers can treat symptoms early using a natural spray to wash away nasal cavities such as Sterimar Allergy & Hayfever clears and cleanses nasal passages and helps prevent allergy symptoms by washing out nasal cavities and dual action Stop & Protect Allergy to provide rapid relief of symptoms and protects from allergies.

As there has been an increasing trend of consumers wanting natural products and ingredients that can be used throughout the summer period, Sterimar resonates well with the target. 23% of consumers chose a natural product over medicated when selecting a nasal allergy product*. The Sterimar range is 100% natural sea water based solution tested to ensure its purity and high quality. The range is widely trusted by healthcare professionals being the No.1 GP recommended brand. Being drug, steroid and preservative free Sterimar has no known side effects. It can be used on its own or taken with other nasal medication such as tablets, nasal drops etc. in order to improve the efficacy based on the advice of a health care professional.

Another way of tackling hayfever after being exposed to pollen all day, when consumers come back inside take off the clothing worn and put them in the washing machine as the pollen will be on your clothes so bringing them back inside with you will aggregate symptoms.