Our ears are delicate and complex so that’s why, when consumers have a problem such as hearing loss, earwax build up or ear pain, they need help from the ear experts at Earex.
Already well known for its best-selling Earex Advance Ear Drops, Earex has launched two new treatments, ensuring optimum ear health for consumers.
Exclusive to LanesHealth, Earex Pain Relief Ear Spray is a triple action formula providing consumers with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial benefits to reduce pain caused by ear infections, swimmers ear and earwax build-up.
Reflecting GPs’ recommendation of olive oil treatment, Earex has also introduced Earex Olive Oil Ear Drops – containing medicinal grade olive oil, acting as a natural lubricant to gently soften and remove earwax.
The new Earex range has been developed to help consumers suffering with ear pain and discomfort to continue their lifestyles, unaffected and undisrupted. For more information contact LanesHealth on 01452 507458.