Recent sales data demonstrates the seasonal peaks for upper-gastrointestinal treatment sales are becoming greater. Outperforming the category, Nexium Control has seen sales grow from November to January and expect to see a similar trend during the Easter period.
The key festive period saw the upper-gastrointestinal category grow by 24.5% from November to December, resulting in category sales of £14.2 million in December 2017 alone. This was a busy month for Pfizer’s heartburn treatment Nexium Control, with sales rising by 34.9% in December compared with November.
Demand continued as consumers moved into January, with Nexium Control up 25.5% compared to last January, outgrowing the category by 5.8%. These figures indicate that, generally, the market for indigestion and heartburn remedies is steadily growing; it also highlights the seasonal opportunity for pharmacies.
More people than ever are seeking protection from heartburn symptoms, especially during key seasonal periods and those frequent sufferers are choosing to protect themselves with Nexium Control.
Easter is another well-known peak for upper-gastrointestinal sales, so pharmacists are encouraged to prepare by purchasing stock to make sure sufferers can protect themselves with ease.
With many over the counter treatments providing short-term relief, frequent sufferers may find themselves having to medicate more often to relieve and control the symptoms. This could help explain the popularity of Nexium Control, which could help patients achieve heartburn control to last, providing 24-hour protection with just one tablet a day.
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