The UK’s number one head lice brand, Hedrin, has launched a Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion, to complement its existing innovative range of head lice products.
When a female louse lays her eggs she glues them to the hair shafts making them really hard to remove. The latest addition to the Hedrin family makes it easy to remove nits (dead eggs) from the hair after treatment.
The lotion is available in a kit, which includes a fine toothed comb, or on its own for use with the customer’s own comb.
The unique gel base in Hedrin Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion carries lubricant oil that releases the chemical bond between the egg and the hair, allowing the egg to slide off easily.
Removal is a mechanical process which is simply completed with a comb. Testing has confirmed that it is 10 times more effective than combing alone, both from dry hair and when compared to hair treated with a conditioning shampoo.
Nits are sometimes confused with an active infestation which can lead to unnecessary repeat treatments and can cause parents to worry that their children will be teased.
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