How To Overcome And Maintain Your Resume?

A resume is an important document that is required for your life to get a good job. To secure a good job, you need to have the knowledge, skills, and perfect resume. You will have difficulties building and maintaining your resume. When you face a recruiter, he will always check your resume and ask questions accordingly. It is important to mention all the important points you want to tell the company in your resume.

Resume building can be confusing but not very tough. You need to follow simple formats which are easy to comprehend and understand. This will help the recruiter to look at your resume and get a glimpse of your professional life.

Why do you need to build a resume?

It is important to construct a resume that you can use after you have graduated from your college or university. A resume is a professional document that will help a company to check if you are eligible and meet all the criteria of their company. A resume will tell you about your professional life, skills, and the knowledge that you have gained so far. It will also show if you have any idea about the industry. Hence, it is important to build your resume and send it to different companies.

Things to avoid while writing a resume

While creating your resume, people will make many mistakes that are not acceptable in a resume. All the mistakes might seem to be very silly and not important, but the recruiter will judge you based on that piece of paper. You need to avoid all these mistakes so that you can get selected in the company. Here are some of the mistakes you need to avoid while writing your resume:

● Format problems

Many people use difficult formats, which might confuse the recruiters when they see your CV. It will give a very bad impression to the recruiter. Format problems are very common problems. Many people do not know which format to choose. Hence, you can create a resume in some of the resume-creating sites.

● Grammatical error

It is also a very common error in a resume. Your resume must be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. This will create a very bad impression on the recruiters, and they will reject you. Hence, try to proofread your resume, and if there are any errors present, try to correct them and then place your resume for the job.

● Use of vibrant colors

Never use vibrant colors; always try to use soothing yeast eye-catchy colors on your resume. Try to use shades of blue or grey, white, etc. these colors are comfortable for the eyes. This will help the recruiter to read your resume with ease.

● Incomplete information

Do not write incomplete information in your resume. Always give all the correct grades in your resume or regarding your personal information like phone number, email ID, or address, write the correct information.

● Use of unprofessional language

Many people use unprofessional language, which might affect your image to the recruiters. Hence, you must use professional language with professional fonts on your resume.

How to maintain your resume?

It is important to maintain your resume and regularly update it. If you are experienced, you need to regularly update your CV so that when you are thinking about changing your job, you can apply for it. Or, if you have just graduated and want to get a job, you need to add all the information that might help you get it. Here are some tips that will help you to maintain your resume:

● Write about your previous jobs

If you want to switch from one country to another, you need to write about your previous jobs. You need to write about the jobs which are relevant in the field and not about all the others which you have done a long time back. They want to learn about your recent job and how much you have improved. They also want to know if you have learned any new skills which will be helpful for your job.

● Write about your roles

Write about the roles you have played in your previous jobs. Tell them about the knowledge you have gained and how it has improved your professional life. The roles you have played while making a project successful, you should write about these in your resume.

● Keep it to one page

Always try to keep your resume to one page or at most two pages. Do write all the achievements that you have gained from your school times. Always write the information that the company or the recruiter needs to know. Only write the relevant information; it will be up to one page.

● Use bullet points

Always try to use bullet points and write in short. Do not write long paragraphs; this will bore the recruiters, and they will not like to read the whole paragraph. Bullets points will grab the attention and help the recruiter to read, comprehend and judge you. The use of bullet points will make your resume look presentable, and it also highlights the important points that you want the recruiter to know.

● Follow chronology

Always try to follow the chronological order; if you have started with personal information, complete it, then move to your academic information and then jobs, etc. always follow the order do not make it haphazardly untidy, this will not give a good impression to the recruiter, and they will get confused.


You would like to tell everything about yourself to the recruiter, which you might think will impress them. But, every recruiter does not have the time to listen to all your achievements. They only want to know the important points and judge if you are eligible enough for their company. The recruiter has to take a lot more interviews every day, so they do not have the time to go through all the pages of your resume. Hence, try to make your resume concise and simple. This will impress the recruiter, and you might also get a job offer.


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