HRA Pharma reveals that women are taking risks with unplanned pregnancy with new research revealing that of the 46% of women that had unprotected sex in the last year only 27% used emergency contraception.

This low uptake is driven by a range of factors. A third (31%) of females report feeling embarrassed to ask for the morning after pill and a quarter of women (26%) say they would wait until there were no other customers around to ask for it.

Women also admit to lying to doctors or pharmacists and saying the condom had split when they hadn’t used one (25%), with most worrying the truth would cause them to be judged (53%), thought of as irresponsible (51%) or because they were embarrassed (44%).

With the aim of addressing some of these attitudes, HRA Pharma has launched a new consumer campaign which will breakdown the stigma often associated with the topic of emergency contraception.

The ‘Morning After Manners’ campaign will open up conversation around sex, relationships and modern dating etiquette, particularly focusing on how to behave the morning after a contraceptive mishap has taken place.

Whether individuals are single, dating or in long-term relationships; ‘Morning After Manners’ encourages them to discuss the topic of contraception, and indeed emergency contraception, with their partner as well as educating consumers about the options available to them.

The campaign is in line with latest guidance from The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), which recommends that women should be made aware of the variety of emergency contraceptive options available to them, enabling them to make an informed choice. Visit