Seacreme is a luxurious range of innovative sea mineral based products that have been specifically developed to harness the powerful restorative properties of the sea.
The range is the brainchild of Jane Healy who suffered life changing burns at the age of nine and has undergone many operations throughout her life.
Employing her first-hand dermatological experience and knowledge Jane has developed her Sea Mineral Range with a passionate belief in the powerful properties of the sea and the beneficial and positive effects it has on our skin and wellbeing.
Seacreme Beauty Creams represent a real innovation in skincare. They are formulated with a perfectly balanced blend of ingredients including Himalayan sea salt, beeswax, Aloe Vera, algae and Sea Mayweed which with regular use help replicate that fabulous clear skin and healthy glow you get from a regular dip in the ocean.
The powerful natural ingredients found in the Seacreme range work together to help stabilise the minerals that aid skin conditioning, moisturisation and repair.
They also have anti-inflammatory properties which calm and soothe the skin and can also be beneficial for those prone to acne and dry irritated skin. Visit for more information.

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