The Review Steering Group (RSG) has reminded pharmacists that today (June 17) is the final day for them to vote on the RSG proposals for the future of PSNC and the LPCs.

A unique link for the voting portal was created for all contractor on 27th May. The majority of pharmacy owners would have received this to the shared NHSmail email inbox of each of their pharmacy premises, or to a nominated head office contact.

The email will be from ‘CES’ sent out from [email protected] Civica Election Services are managing and overseeing the vote and are also acting as independent scrutineer, to ensure the impartiality and integrity of the process.

The vote asks contractors to either accept or reject the proposals in their entirety. The ballot question is as follows: Do you accept the proposals setting the direction for pharmacy representation?

The vote result, along with an independent scrutineers report, will be published to the sector by Wednesday (22 June).

“Today is the last day for contractors to have their say on the future of PSNC and the LPCs, and I strongly urge them to do so,” independent contractor and RSG Member Mark Burdon said.

“Every single vote is important, and the process is super simple to do. This is the first ever chance that we as contractors have had to come together to set a clear mandate for change in our representative bodies, asking them to get better at making our case, better at talking to us, and better at governance. If you are yet to vote on these proposals: please do so today.”

If you want to share your stories and/or experiences with us, please send an email to [email protected]