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Friday, 28 October 2016, 11:08 AM

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Oral liquid methadone prescription fees reduced by £1.55
Oral liquid methadone prescription fees reduced by  £1.55

The item fee for an oral liquid methadone prescription has been reduced by £1.55 under funding arrangements agreed between the PSNC and the Department of Health.
From next month, the “item level fee” for oral liquid methadone prescriptions will drop from £4.05 to £2.50, although the PSNC revealed there will also be a 55p fee for additional doses packaged separately.
The PSNC defined additional doses as “doses given to patients in addition to the dose they have come to collect from the pharmacy for that day, i.e. either to take at home later on that day or to cover non-collection days.”
Harpreet Chana, PSNC head of pricing, said: “PSNC is very grateful to those contractors who provided data last summer for our time and motion study and analysis of methadone supply and costs of dispensing.
“The additional data enabled us to identify key issues such as the geographical variation of daily dose prescribing and the changing trends in FP10 prescribing patterns which have fed into our work to develop the new fee arrangements. The PSNC committee (is) confident these new arrangements will reflect the cost of supply in all scenarios.”



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