brand TENA

Leading bladder weakness brand TENA is bringing user feedback to the forefront with a bold new on-pack lights by TENA claim.

Rolling-out now, the attention-grabbing ‘99% felt fresher thanks to lights by TENA’ claim will be appearing on pink heart-shaped stoppers which protrude from the front of the liner packs.

Launched with the aim to drive trial and reassurance, the claim follows direct feedback from 611 consumers, 99% of whom felt fresher after using a product from the lights by TENA range.

Earlier this year, lights by TENA invited users to ‘put fresh to the test’ and share their independent feedback via Facebook or using the dedicated microsite,

To encourage participation, any user submitting a review during the promotional period was automatically entered into a randomly selected prize draw to win a monthly delivery of flowers for a year and a £200 Oasis shopping voucher.

Bladder weakness is still in growth in pharmacy. TENA understands that freshness is a key recruitment driver in this category, with users looking for a product that keeps them feeling dry, clean and free from odour. The new claim will help highlight this to users, whilst reinforcing lights by TENA’s key product benefits.

Manufactured by leading global hygiene company Essity, all lights by TENA products contain unique FeelFresh Technology; combining a quick-dry topsheet and innovative fluid distribution layers to effortlessly control moisture and odour for a fresh and dry feeling that lasts.

“We know that people are influenced by the reviews of others and that this can drive purchase, which is beneficial for any pharmacy stocking products from the lights by TENA range”, says brand manager for lights by TENA, Nicole Tyrer.

“1 in 3 women in the UK experience light bladder weakness, yet many of them still aren’t using the correct product. With this new claim on every pack of lights by TENA, we can clearly communicate the key benefits of the range and recruit even more women into this growing category.”