The committee is seeking evidence about healthy living in old age, from the areas of science and technology. Photo: iStock

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee today launched a new inquiry into the role of science and technology as an enabler to healthier living in old age.

The inquiry will determine the possibility of achieving the government’s ambition to extend the health-span of the population.

The government has already adopted increasing health-span as a policy objective and is aiming to ensure people can enjoy at least five extra healthy, independent years of life by 2035.

“The Committee will explore how achievable the Government’s aim is by looking at what treatments and technologies could be available to address ageing and ageing-related diseases, and at the scientific basis for public health advice about healthy lifestyle,” said Lord Patel, chairman of the committee.

“The Committee will also explore the policies that would be needed to achieve the aim of increased health span, and the policies that would be needed to support a healthier, older population.”

The committee is seeking evidence on the following areas:

  • The scientific understanding of the ageing process, and how these areas of research could lead to treatments for delaying or managing the negative effects of ageing
  • Technologies that can improve health and wellbeing in old age, and technologies that can enable independent living in old age
  • Opportunities for the UK to commercialise discoveries and innovations relating to healthier ageing
  • The policy implications of a healthier older population

The last date for submitting written evidence is 20 September. The committee will start taking oral evidence on the inquiry in October.

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