John Ryan of Royston Hall Pharmacy in Birmingham talks about his pharmacy…
How would you describe your pharmacy?
We operate a very busy healthcare pharmacy which has developed strong links in our local community. We are part of a family-owned group with over 60 years’ experience operating pharmacies. Our ethos is to develop our pharmacies around the needs of our patients, which drives everything we do.
What is your advice on being a good pharmacist?
Training is a fundamental element of operating a pharmacy. As the industry continues to change, so do the training needs of myself and my team. We can’t develop without ensuring the appropriate training is in place.
In order to ensure our resources are used appropriately it is important that I delegate where possible. This allows to me focus on further developing our offering and enhance our role in offering patient focused services.
Good teamwork also plays an important role; you have to have a good working relationship and be prepared to role your sleeves up and support colleagues.
How much do your sales depend on season and weather?
I’ve noticed a distinct decline in seasonal-related sales; our business doesn’t depend on the weather though really to be honest. We do see some increases however in hayfever and cough/cold remedies during peak season.
What part of the business is most challenging?
I struggle with the amount of friction that exists between other healthcare professionals.
Do you get customers asking for products they have seen on TV which you know nothing about?
Yes, all the time. It’s extremely hard to keep up especially with the proliferation of so many TV channels
If you were to give up pharmacy tomorrow, what would you do?
Deep sea diving in Mexico.
What is your view on funding and the role of the PSNC?
The PSNC itself is massively underfunded and do a good job considering pharmacy’s parsimonious view related to money.
John Ryan is a Numark member