Mental Health for gaming enthusiasts amidst the Pandemic

While it seems like our physical health has been the priority over everything else over the last few weeks, we should forget that mental health has an overwhelming effect on our physical health as well and one can not be taken care of if we’re not also putting in time and effort into the other. 

But as the lockdown gets more common, with some countries extending their quarantine periods for weeks on end, it might become increasingly hard to find a way to stay calm and positive and keep your balance in check. While for those essential workers who have to go to work even during a pandemic, this is a very challenging time, for those who are stuck inside at home things can get pretty rough too. Isolation isn’t good for anyone and this quarantine is really testing our ability to stay connected even if we can’t be together physically.

For gamers everywhere, this is also a weird time because socializing has become extremely hard and even for those who can socialize via technology, it can sometimes be a challenge. And the balance of going out and socializing and then gaming and socializing in a different manner has been disrupted. But the video games mental health charity is here to save the day. Safe in Our World is a charity that was founded on the World Mental Health Day in 2019. This is a hub for gamers where resources are grouped together for easy access by anyone who might need it.

As the pandemic seems to be getting more severe, Safe in Our World has launched a special mental health guide for games to make sure we’re staying healthy and happy, even while locked inside, involuntarily. 

Safe in our World is endorsed by many industry professionals and Esports start. This is a dependable and creative hub that you can count on and you feel like you need assistance for someone who knows your lifestyle. Everyone who loves gaming, be that online gaming video gaming,  or even the ever-so-popular online casino slots, following some sort of routine with your entertainment are a great way to stay happy and calm. 

The CEO of the charity, Leo Zullo said that the hub is doing its best to offer help during these trying times. The Gaming community is one where people do really connect with each other and for some gamers, it is the only community they feel they belong to. So the Charity has offered 5 steps to maintaining your sanity amidst the outbreak.

One of the first things you should do when isolating is trying to keep in touch as much as possible. If you are quarantining alone then you might want to get skype or zoom, which you probably already use and get in touch with your friends and family as frequently as you would like. Make a routine out of it to check up on each other and keep each other company while self-isolating. This is a great way for people to stay connected and to entertain themselves while they are in lockdowns but most importantly it will keep you happy and mentally stable. We feel out best when we are a part of the community that is welcoming and accepting, so why not start creating it or cultivating it right now?

The second most important thing is maintaining your physical health. Eating healthy, but not obsessing over it and working out at least semi-regularly is the best way to ensure that your body and your mind are at peace and you can go on living your life in quarantine while also taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. And as we mentioned above these two go hand in hand and you can’t neglect any of them. This is a very stressful time for everyone so keeping your stress levels at bay is crucial. You can do that by practicing meditation for as little as 5-10 minutes a day and you will start seeing results instantly. There are countless studies talking about the benefits of meditation and how it can completely transform your life. It will bring you peace and help you manage your anxiety which is something we all need these days. Another crucial thing is rituals and routines. While everything is so uncertain around us having a reliable routine can do wonders. While it’s probably true that amidst the quarantine your ideal routine is likely not realistic, you should still try and make the best of it. Incorporate as many of your hobbies as possible into your routine and make sure you don’t lose structure in your life because sooner or later you will need it again.

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