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There is a significant variation in mental health spending across England, according to a mental health charity.

An NHS data analysis by Mind found the country’s mental health services a postcode lottery, with some areas spending almost half per person on mental health compared to other places.

Surrey Heartlands spend the least on mental health with just £124.48 annual spend per person. South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw allocate the highest amounts, £220.63 per person per year.

The investment in every region is increasing, but the huge differences would affect the quality of care, the charity warns.

In 2016, the NHS committed to investing £1.6 billion on mental health services by 2020-21, and another £2.3 billion a year by 2023-24 as part of the Long-Term Plan.

Geoff Heyes, Head of Health Policy and Influencing at Mind pointed to the existence of a long-term historic postcode lottery, though some positive changes are happening on the ground.

“The NHS and Government have made it clear that mental health is a priority. Some local variation is to be expected but the scale of the difference is huge and we know that the need outstrips resource even in the areas that are performing well. These figures show that not all local commissioners are getting the message,” he said.

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