Murine, the eye health specialists has a range of products to provide rapid relief and effective treatment for eye discomfort symptoms such as irritated, dry, watering, itchy or red eyes, caused by hayfever and allergies.

Two products to help manage hayfever and allergy eye symptoms are Murine hayfever relief eye drops and Murine irritation & redness relief eye drops.

Murine hayfever relief eye drops is a prescription strength solution, used for hayfever allergy symptoms such as itchy, red and watering eyes. Used to both treat and relieve hayfever symptoms, Murine hayfever relief contains the active ingredient sodium cromoglicate – 2% w/v, which reduces the body’s response to hayfever allergens by stopping the body’s production of histamines, preventing and reducing eye discomfort caused by hayfever symptoms.

Murine irritation & redness relief eye drops, a pharmacy medicine, provides fast acting, long lasting relief for sore, irritated, and red eyes. Used to clear redness and soothe eyes that have been irritated from allergies or irritants such as dust, wind, air pollutants, smoke or by close work such as reading or computer use.

Murine irritation & redness contains the active ingredient naphazoline hydrochloride, which acts by narrowing the vessels in the eye, reducing redness and swelling. No other naphozoline eye drop is stronger than Murine irritation & redness relief.

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